Perfect Moost Perfect Moose

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Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives your customers a true treat worth coming back for. Using any liquid you like.

Foaming takes a lot of skill, time, feel and practice. Rely on Perfect Moose’s smart technology to give you that extra pair of barista hands when needed. No training involved.

Don’t settle for poor quality milk foam or boring push-button uniformity. Perfect Moose copies true barista movements & sends you on a unique taste trip with each pitcher you pour. Choose your own milks & mixes and experience the freedom to experiment, vary your menu and let the Perfect Moose do all the work.


  • Hands Free Display — No complicated menus. No room for error. Just follow the Moose’s instructions.
  • Moving Steam Wand — The wand automatically copies every exact move a barista makes, preset by your specified recipe.
  • Easy Clean Nozzle — Obligatory steam flush after each cycle. Hygiene guaranteed. (this feature can be turned off if you wish)
  • Smart Moose Eye — The infrared eye monitors the temperature of the chosen liquid during the steaming cycle ensuring it’s exactly how you want it.
  • Scale Pitcher Holder — Perfect Moose uses a weighing scale pitcher holder to measure the amount of liquid in order to adjust the steaming cycle.
  • Smart Moose Pitcher — The RFID tag on the bottom of each jug triggers the Moose to start steaming based on that exact jugs preset profile.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 x 620 x 350 mm
  • Weight: 12.7 kg (net)
  • 16.7 kg (box weight)
  • Power (W): 40 watts
  • Electrical Power Supply;         200-230V / 50-60  Hz / 1ph
  • Water Drainage: Yes (for small amounts of steam condensation)
  • Water Supply: No separate water supply required.