Elektra Belle Epoche

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The Belle Epoque is a beautiful gold and copper piece of art that houses  a large 12.5L boiler, 3 professional group heads and 5 programmable volumetric soft touch controls that allows any lucky barista to work with this machine to create lovely coffee. The new Belle Epoque has been enhanced with PID temperature controls, as well as an updated programmable night mode for reduced energy consumption. This already beautiful machine also comes with timber hot water and steam taps, as well as lovely timber portafilters. We know that all staff and customers that get the chance to view or use this machine will love it as much as we do.

This commercial espresso coffee machine is designed in a way that is sure to seize the attention of every customer in the room. With its large dome body and bright and shiny panels, along with the extravagant eagle that can be found at the top of its structure, it is easy to understand why Elekta has long been a favourite of the coffee industry. However, even high Elektra is known for its design and style, Elektra commercial coffee machines also house features that every barista loves.

Each and every commercial Elektra coffee machine houses high quality and reliable parts, with powerful boilers that produce constant steam, and professional group heads for temperature stability, you will always be able to trust that your commercial Elektra coffee machine is producing the best coffee possible.

  • Steel Support Frame & Anti-twist Unit Connections
  • Volumetric Controls
  • Soft Touch Coffee Touchpad
  • Boiler Water Level Window
  • Incorporated Motor & Positive-Displacement Pump
  • Steam Wand
  • Hot Water Tap
  • Timber Steam Wand + Hot Water Tap
  • Double Access Cup Holder Compartment
  • Double Boiler & Steam Pressure Gauge
  • Programmable Night Mode – For Reduced Energy Consumption
  • PID Temperature Control


2 Group / 3 Group:

  • Group No: 2 Group, 3 Group
  • Voltage: 230-240
  • Power (W): 3700 / 5200
  • Boiler (Lt): 9 / 12.5
  • Diameter / Height (Mm): 57, 108 / 72, 115
  • Weight (Kg): 53 / 72