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ECM combines the convenience of one-push brewing and reliable technology on this compact coffee machine that’s great for your home or office. The ECM Elektronika II Profi is a home espresso machine that comes with programable dosing, a heat exchanger system, and a robust but quiet rotary pump.

Created to simplify pulling shots, the ECM Elektronika II Profi has programmable dosing so you can brew the amount of coffee you need with just one push of a button. The neat control panel is illuminated and within eye level making it very easy to access. Programmable to the exact quantity of espresso you want each and every time.

Unlike vibratory pumps which could be noisy, the ECM Elektronika II Profi has a rotary pump that is quieter and produces a more stable pressure. This brewing system is also more durable and easier to maintain.

The ergonomic portafilters that come with this espresso machine are weighted and come with an angled handle which makes it easier to grip. That means less strain for you, even when you have to pull one shot after another.

You won’t have to choose between getting a plumbed or tank coffee machine. The ECM Elektronika II Profi is both! Switch between the 3-litre water tank or the mains, whichever is more convenient for you. Swivel Steam Tap wand and hot water tap offer a superior feel and ease of workflow, along with using the lever taps for operation.


  • Dimension: 325mm (W) x 475mm (D) x 400mm (H)
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Brew Group: e61
  • Heating System: HX
  • Pump: Rotary
  • Water Supply: Switchable
  • Steam Valve Type: Lever
  • Temperature Control: Pressurestat
  • Country of origin: Germany