Brita C50 Quell

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PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus preventing scale deposits in the downstream terminal equipment. Depending on the by-pass setting, calcium, magnesium and metal ions can be selectively reduced from the drinking water during the flow process. In addition to cloudiness and organic pollutants, the filter material also reduces the level of substances impairing smell and taste, such as chlorine residues in the filtrate and in the by-pass water.

Typical areas of application for PURITY C Quell ST are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold drink vending machines as well as combi ovens and conventional ovens.

Brita Professional Four filtration stages:

  1. Pre-filtration reduces coarse particles
  2. Carbonate hardness reduction an ion exchanger reduces the carbonate hardness content and prevents scale deposits
  3. Activated carbon filtration substances that can impair taste and odour are eliminated
  4. Fine filtration retains particles measuring up to 10 µm
    Variable head by-pass settings to suit water conditions.


  • Purity C50 Quell ST Brita quick change filter cartridge Decarbonation filter.
  • Ideal for Coffee & Expresso Machines
  • Hot & Cold Vending Machines
  • Combi Ovens & Conventional Ovens



Dimensions 260mm overall x 102mm across