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  • Rocket R Cinquantotto Dual boiler

    $4,544.55 inc. GST

    The Rocket R58 is most current model dual boiler PID Rocket Espresso R58, launched in 2017 and it retains all of the features which have made Rocket machines top sellers in Australia. Steam and hot water wands are cool to touch and twin gauges for steam and system pressure are included.The R58 is a dual boiler espresso machine featuring PID temperature control, full commercial rotary pump, and the option of using a direct water connection or the water reservoir supply.

    Independently operating dual boilers and superior thermo siphon system design allows for unprecedented stability in the espresso boiler with increased levels of both steam pressure and hot water supply available from the independent service boiler. This is Rocket Espresso styling and build quality; Espresso without compromise.

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  • Rocket Giotto Cronometro R

    $3,726.36 inc. GST

    The Evoluzione V2 further enhances the Rocket Espresso Evoluzione experience.This machine offers the versatility of using the water reservoir supply or a direct water connection operated by a control switch.Features include a full commercial rotary pump as opposed to a vibration pump and the use of commercial espresso machine pressure stats. The Rocket Espresso designed boiler utilises thick, lead free brass end plates and an insulated boiler for energy savings and increased thermal stability.

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  • Rocket R Nine One Pressure Profiling

    $9,090.00 inc. GST

    The R NINE ONE was developed to bring the very best of our commercial machine development programme into a machine capable of outstanding results. Designed for use in a small commercial application or home environment.

    Thermal stability through the Rocket Espresso fully saturated group system, coupled with digital PID temperature control

    Pre and Post infusion controlled through a full pressure profiling system, using the 5 preset programmes or via manual control through the Rocket Espresso paddle system.

    Direct water connection or built in water reservoir, an espresso machine designed to deliver spectacular results in the cup, through both stability and flexibility of control parameters.

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  • Rocket Porta Via – Portable Travel

    $3,908.18 inc. GST

    The portable Rocket Espresso machine.

    Travel just got a whole lot more interesting – that 3 star hotel just went to a 5 star.

    The Porta Via, the worlds first truly portable espresso machine, no need to leave your room.

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  • Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro V

    $3,271.82 inc. GST

    Introducing the new Rocket Giotto Tipo V now with digital shot timer allowing the user to better optimise extraction time. Temperature control is optimised through a PID controller drawing on 4 different signal parameters to ensure stability and optimum results in the cup.

    An adjustable temperature display allows the user to select individual brewing temperatures for different coffee types and roast styles.

    The Giotto and Mozzafiato Tipo V machines introduce users to the Rocket Espresso movement for better espresso in the home without compromise.

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  • Rocket Apartmento

    $2,817.27 inc. GST

    The Appartamento is a compact espresso machine designed for environments where space is at a premium.
    Rocket engineers optimised the chassis and layout of the internal components without compromising on the quality and features you expect from Rocket Espresso.

    Available with white or copper circular side panel insert options.

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  • Rocket Giotto Tipo V

    $3,271.82 inc. GST

    This is the latest Rocket Giotto Type V.

    The Rocket Giotto Tipo (Type) V is the little brother to the Evoluzione R. It possesses a PID controller for incremental changes to the brew temperature (via the Heat Exchanger). Water delivery is from it’s ample internal tank, and runs a vibration pump for brewing and boiler filling. Like the Evoluzione R, this model features a number of upgrades over the PID v3 including new two-piece adjustable feet and a refined body design.

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  • Rocket R60v Dual Boiler Pressure Profiling

    $5,908.18 inc. GST

    Traditionally 9 bar of pump pressure extracts the flavours and oils from the coffee to produce espresso. The R 60V with a unique pressure profile system allows further enhancement in the cup with the ability to fine tune pump pressure over the course of the extraction.

    The Rocket Espresso pressure profiling system uses a five step approach to allow the extraction to be split into five different time intervals, each allowing for a different pressure to be programmed, making it possible to both ramp up or ramp down pump pressure depending on the coffee type and flavours being chased.

    The Rocket Espresso communication pod allows adjustments to be made through a remote controller or through the machine wifi system which will display real time temperatures, pressures and extraction times.

    Dual boiler and PID controlled. Rotary pump with water reservoir or direct water connection.

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  • Rocket Mozzafiato Evoluzione R

    $3,726.36 inc. GST

    Mozzafiato has taken features directly from the Rocket Espresso commercial range. A sleek solid pair of cast alloy flat sided panels on the Mozzafiato model now increases Rockets domestic range to an impressive new line-up and offering.

    Rocket Espresso has proudly introduced a fresh new model called The Mozzafiato which translated to English, means Breathtaking!

    Mozzafiato has taken features directly from the Rocket Espresso commercial range. A sleek solid pair of cast alloy flat sided panels on the Mozzafiato model now increases Rockets domestic range to an impressive new line-up and offering.

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