The i-milk automated milk tap delivery system

i-milk is the only milk delivery system on the market using weight based delivery for perfect accuracy. The scale technology offers the barista full control of milk without touching a button!

Now available in large
and mini sizes!

The i-milk Benefits

Fills your jugs accurately

Instead of manually pouring milk you simply place a milk jug on the dispenser. i-milk recognises the size of the jug and fills it to the level you have pre-set. Top ups are simple.

Multiple milks in 1 tap

i-milk dispenses 2 types of milk drawn from 10 litre catering packs. As each pour is accurate to 1 ml any milk wastage from manual over-pouring is reduced.

Faster coffee service

Pours 500ml of milk in 5 seconds.

Save bench top space

i-milk has a compact footprint of 170mm X 280mm and is best located beside your coffee machine.

Fast cleaning system

6 minutes of lock out cleaning and 4 minutes of sanitising.


Roll in factory solutions or customised to suit your needs.

Start to improve productivity and save space today.