Vivreau… the global leader in the design and manufacture of environmentally responsible on-site water bottling systems

No need to store bottles of water on premises taking up space, use Vivreau to create fast and easy sparkling water when you need it. Save money and the environment.

vivreau unit itself


Eliminate the need to purchase environmentally unfriendly and expensive pre-bottled waters with the installation of the Vivreau Table Water Bottling System.

Environmentally friendly bottled table water with Vivreau’s exclusive reusable Designer bottles, dispenses unlimited quantities of purified filtered chilled still and sparkling water.

Vivreau… the original designers of the Table Water Bottling System

Vivreau… leading the way in combating the negative environmental impact caused by the transportation and packaging waste associated with pre-bottled waters

Vivreau… the industry standard for all hospitality and catering environments from corporate headquarters and leading hotels to Michelin starred restaurants

Vivreau… the professional’s choice for drinking water systems



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