Synesso Hydra

The Hydra, includes individual brew tanks as well as individual pumps and motors per group. This adds the ability to simultaneously preinfuse, while maintaining individual pressure control . If you are looking for uninterrupted pressure on every group, in the highest volume environment, you have found it in the Hydra.

For those who wish to utilize 4 Stage Pressure Ramping, bypass function can be added to each motor. These bypasses allow a barista to program each pressure stage on each group to optimize roast extraction, to control the acids, sugars, and texture of any coffee. Our unique programming functions allow for easy repeatability of recipes in a busy cafe.

Groups 1 2 3
Voltage 220 220 220
Power (W) 2000 4000 5000
Boiler (Lt) 3.2 7.7 12.3
Width (mm) 457 736 1016
Depth (mm) 584 584 584
Height (mm) 457 457 457
Weight (Kg) 48 70 86

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