Slayer Steam

Slayer Steam is our answer to the unasked, yet crucial, questions about steaming milk. With exclusive technology, baristas take control of steam temperature and flow rate, ultimately improving flavor in the milk beverages ordered by the majority of their customers.

The Slayer Steam features the The Vaporizer™. This is a compact super-heater that boosts the temperature of steam and creates a dry, invisible vapor. By simultaneously increasing temperature and decreasing dilution, Slayer Steam promotes full flavor development in all milk varieties. Even low-fat dairy and alternative milks display extraordinary gloss, sweetness, and complexity when heated with the Vaporizer™.

Download Specifications PDF – 2 Group
Download Specifications PDF – 3 Group

Groups 3
Voltage (A) TBA
Power (W) TBA
Boiler (Lt) TBA
Width (mm) 708
Depth (mm) 1131
Height (mm) 432
Weight (Kg) 112.5
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