Orchestrale Phonica

Phonica is a Professional Espresso Machine dedicated to the life of Ray Charles. Its design, recalls the shape of the microphones of an unforgettable era, Phonica wants to pay tribute to those great and unrepeatable voices of the 20th century that will always remain in the history of music.

Phonica is a coffee and cappuccino machine available in both automatic and semiautomatic versions, with normal and raised E61 groups (1 gr., 2 gr. compact, 2 gr., 3 gr.) available with programmable portion control (only the automatics), dual gauges for boiler and pump pressure control , copper boiler and pipes, brass pipe fittings, pure polished and satined stainless steel frame AISI 304 finished with methalcrylate.

Phonica is also available with different colour frames …even with satin steel sides and back panel, or with steel painted white matt or black matt. Moreover you can choose different colour methacrylates: black, white, green, red, yellow, orange, blue and violet, silver mirror, gold.

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Groups 2 3
Voltage 240 240
Power (W) 5000 6000
Boiler (Lt) 12 17
Width (mm) 830 1060
Depth (mm) 560 560
Height (mm) 620 620
Weight (Kg) 84 100
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