Elektra Belle Epoche

It is in the Belle Epoque that our craftsmen give the best of themselves, forging noble metals such as copper and brass alternating moments of ancient processes to advanced methods. Very original in its vertical development, the Belle Epoque is a machine from the inimitable class where beauty blends with functionality and reliability.

The brilliance of its metal, molded design and its retro charm, gives it a distinct personality ideal for embellishing the choreography of fine-dining
At Elektra we have a habit: we believe that the details make the difference.

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Groups 1 2 3
Voltage 110-230 230-400 230-400
Power (W) 2200 3700 5200
Boiler (Lt) 5 9 12.5
Diamertre (mm) 40 57 72
Height (mm) 80 108 115
Weight (Kg) 38 53 72
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