CMA Astoria Plus 4U

In the Plus 4U, technological innovation is represented by a new hydraulic circuit with working parameters that are managed electronically and independently, providing the best quality of coffee in every cup. Plus 4 You is also aware of environmental protection through it’s substantial reduction in energy consumption.¬†Astoria’s green line eco system that can provide energy savings of up to 47.6% * compared to a conventional machine.

The Astoria Plus 4 You, dedicates individual boilers to each grouphead, in addition to sporting an oversized steam boiler. The temperature of the steam boiler, coffee water reservoir, and groupheads can be set individually via a digital control panel.

Groups 2 3
Voltage 240 240
Power (W) 6700 7700
Boiler (Lt) 13 13
Width (mm) 1075 1315
Depth (mm) 565 565
Height (mm) 575 575
Weight (Kg) 229 273
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