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Heat Exchanger vs Dual Boiler Coffee Machines

Whether you should get a dual boiler or a heat exchanger coffee machine is a common question. Ultimately, what you choose comes down to your individual style of coffee consumption and purpose. If you predominately brew black coffee at home […]

Why La Marzocco?

La Marzocco is one of our most popular and demanded brand of coffee machine. Manufactured in Italy, La Marzocco strive for accuracy, precision and are quality made. Coffee Machine technologies are an authorised reseller and service agent of La Marzocco […]

Coffee Machine Customisation

Want your cafe or restaurant to have a style and vibe that everyone will remember? Your coffee machine will play a big role in this! You can get your coffee machine custom designed  to suit your specifications and blend in […]

Milk Texturing 101

If you have recently purchased a new machine, you may have some questions around how to use it. You may look at the coffee you receive from your local café and wonder how exactly they make the milk to the […]

Manual vs Automatic Coffee Machines

Manual Coffee Machines The manual machines are the more traditional machine which has been popular for years, advancing with a number of options available to even the precise coffee enthusiast. However, all manual coffee machines use the same method of […]

Three tips for maintaining your coffee grinder

Clear out the grains of coffee Over time the, the coffee grind can coat the insides of your hopper (where the beans are stored before grinding) and the edges of your grinder’s burrs, as well as find their way into […]

Why Wega?

Who are they? Wega has been producing espresso machines for 30 years. Their products are award-winning products and can be seen in thousands of cafe’s, restaurants and homes of passionate coffee enthusiasts all across the world. Wega are famous for […]

Extracting Coffee

Struggling to get that perfect extraction with your coffee machine? Of course practice makes perfect, but the below instructions will help to improve your coffee extraction skills. Read on! Start with freshly roasted coffee, check out your local roasters for […]