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Coffee Machine Customisation

Want your cafe or restaurant to have a style and vibe that everyone will remember? Your coffee machine will play a big role in this! You can get your coffee machine custom designed  to suit your specifications and blend in […]

Elektra Launch

Coffee Machine Technologies recently launched the latest Elektra coffee machine, the Elektra Indie Coffee Machine Technologies, John Collangeli was there to host the night. Culture, artistic feeling, discipline, perception, talent; these are the energies released by INDIE The CMT Showroom […]

Did you know you can customise your Viper?

Over the past 6 months we have installed custom Vipers around Aus! The Viper milk steamer system has an endless supply of steam. With it’s unique design you save bench space and improve productivity… You might already know about our […]

Put the Sass Back into your Coffee Machines

If your coffee machine is looking tired, a bit plain, or needs a touch up, Coffee Machine Technologies is the place to take your machine. Hundreds of machines have come out of our service room and back into their bars and cafes. […]